I will write a positive review for $5

I will read over your ebook, blog, or site and leave a positive review! It does not matter what the topic is, I am a half glass full type of person with an open mind!

For $5, I will do one to two different reviews. As I said, topic does not matter to me; erotica, science fiction, personals, religion, politics, etc.

If your ebook is not free, please send me a coupon to make it free or let me know when it will be free on certain days. I will not buy the book just to write your positive review(s).


I will do one hour of research on any topic for $5

I love to learn new things! For $5, I will research any topic for one consistent hour!

ANY topic! Animals, humans, places, foods, products, history, etc.

I will message you when the hour begins, and when the hour is up, I will send you direct links to the best information I could find for you. If I cannot find anything, or the hour is suddenly interrupted by something in my life, I will do a second topic of your choice!


– Caitlin Popplewell,


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