Glimpse My Life

When I go into various other blogs and sites, it’s true, I am there to get an update on why I follow them or to gain something for myself. Whether through the page owner’s services or to learn from their experience when they post informational articles, that is the main reason for visiting and I’m sure you’ll agree you have the same motivation both here and in other places.

However, I also enjoy personal touches from time to time! It’s nice to know the person I am following is not just an emotionless, impersonal figure who does what we their clients request when we want it. Not only is it neat to see bits and pieces of their personality, hobbies, opinions…for me, it increases the likelihood that I will come back for more, it makes me believe in them more, because now I can see they are just as human as the rest of us.

So, on this page I hope to provide the same for all of you, allowing you glimpses into what life is like for me from time to time outside of my work. Enjoy!

*Note: This page’s original content is updated with incoming photos, I do not add the pictures as individual posts. This is for the convenience of my subscribers, who only expect to be updated about blog posts and not every single photos, review, or opinion I come to share. Thank you for your understanding.*

-Caitlin Popplewell,



My husband is truly an artist! Besides his talent for music (he loves his guitars!), he has also always been great at turning blank spaces into something very neat – like this octopus! I did my best to frame it for him as a surprise, and now it hangs on the wall for visitors to see.



I used to raise chickens to get our own eggs, and this is a picture from my last group of living peeps when they were getting used to one of the dogs, Drizzle. She was quick enough to keep up with them, and persistent enough to seek them out when they did escape the yard, and never hurt any of the chicks. She just sat around, watching them, until they grew up and attempted to fly the roost. I remember most vividly, my Colombian Rock rooster when he made a mad dash for the fence line and Drizzle hurried after him… He was too fat to fly, and thus, too fat to fit through the fencing as well – so when we got there he had gotten stuck half way in and half way out of the wires. Drizzle promptly pulled him out by the tail, and trotted back up to the pen with him, his head bouncing off the ground as he hung from her mouth. He never did try to leave after that.




Reno! Or as my daughter likes to call him, “Weno!” This particular photo of him is from when my friend and I took our equine friends to the river on a hot afternoon, and spent hours walking up and down the waterway keeping cool. It’s always a fun experience, though far more so if your horse actually enjoys being in water…


10311761_1551301345087060_3068317433754878247_n (1)

My first child’s status as an only child is about to come to a close! She turned three years old this past December (2014), and her baby brother is due very soon as I type this. She has been excited to help me fold baby clothes and constantly wants to clean bottles for me, I am sure she will be a good big sister when he arrives. For now, though, she enjoys doing crafts, being outside with the dogs, and is obsessed with watching the Sprout channel on TV!


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