I spent the majority of my childhood alone, and in place of physical friends and adventure my mind came up with various characters I could pick stories and feelings for. Though I was too young to write what I could envision down when this began, I continued to come up with more and more that I would one day write down. When that day came, my writing never stopped. Since then, I have written up countless stories and also a great deal of informational papers on things I had researched to ridiculous lengths. And when I’m not busy filling blank pages with my research and imaginary adventures, I have enjoyed helping out others in proofreading and adding on to their own papers before they turned in their work.

For years I brushed off suggestions to take it further, to see if I could earn any money by doing what I obviously loved. It was simply a hobby in my mind and I only took those suggestions seriously when I became a stay at home mom. Why not spend my free time between cleaning and chasing down kids doing something I was passionate about if I could continue to help others and also turn a profit from it? So I did what I love to do: I researched. Eventually, I came upon the site I currently use to market my gigs, and began to reach further and further out into the internet community in order to gain experience, advice, and popularity. I do not regret what I have started, even if I am still a small time freelancer.

One day I hope to go on to bigger tasks, expanding from research and reviews for my clients to writing far more in-depth works and editing for others before I consider going even bigger – possibly publishing one of my own stories. For now, however, I am glad to be building things up; my name, my confidence, my sales, and most importantly the trust I get from my clients.

– Caitlin Popplewell,


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